We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest research in computer vision and machine learning, while discerning which new developments are most suited to our clients needs.

Technology is developing at an ever-accelerating pace. Keeping up to date with the latest developments is difficult and ensuring that your products and services employ value-adding, cutting-edge innovations, is truly a challenge.

We offer our clients the latest tools, from the latest in feature extraction to the raw power of deep learning networks. However, we also have the engineering expertise to provide our client with the supporting structure to implement these cutting-edge innovations to ensure that your augmented products or services remain stable, consistent and future-proof

As consultant engineers we offer a full spectrum approach to enhancing your product or service.

We offer these services:

  • Problem and needs analysis

  • Algorithm research and development

  • Simulation and testing

  • Software and/or firmware development and integration

Career Opportunities

We are looking for dynamic individuals to join our company.

Successful applicants will work independently and as part of a small, focussed team of highly skilled, motivated and passionate engineers.

This position specialises in the design, implementation and evaluation of algorithms, with the primary focus on machine learning and machine vision. The applicant will be expected to interface directly with our clients and work on both short and long term projects.


  • Graduate qualification in electrical, electronic or computer engineering, or computer science.

  • Knowledge of and a passion for data analytics, data visualization, data interpretation and machine learning.

  • Experience with embedded software development will be beneficial.

  • Strong communication, writing and presentation skills.

  • A post-graduate qualification with specialisation in Machine Learning / Machine Vision will be beneficial.

  • Proficiency in coding and willingness to learn new programming languages and APIs.

  • The applicant must be a fast learner with a proactive attitude.

  • Experience with any of the following technologies: Python, MATLAB, SQL & Deep Learning frameworks, especially Caffe